SRT 2008

Northeast Asia Student Round Table 2008

July 31st-August 11th

Akita International University, Japan

18 Japanese students (from Akita International University)
10 Korean students (from Korea University)

Activities and Schedules
Keynote address
(1) “Japan-Korea Relation: Past, Present, and Future”                                                                            Dr. Mark Caprio, Professor,RikkyoUniversity

(2) “Sport Cultures in Japan and Korea
Mr. Taejo Yoon, FIFA Players Agent; President, Maybreez Inc.

Round table discussion
(1) Plenary Session
(i) Theme 1
What aspects do students of both countries feel “near” and “far” with  regard each other’s country?”
(ii) Theme 2
What could be done to create a closer cooperative and collaborative relationship with each other in the fields of Group Topic 1 to 3?

(2) Group Sessions
(i) Topic 1
What is the biggest day-to-day concern(s) of students in their lives?”
(ii) Topic 2
What are contributions that university students can or should make to their local civil communities?
(iii) Topic 3
What global issues are considered the most important or concerned by university students?

Interactions with local citizens and local government
(i) Visit to Akita Prefecture Government and meetings with Officials, and Courtesy Call on Governor
(ii) Meeting with Akita Junior Chamber
(iii) Cultural Exchange with Local Communities
(iv) Home Stay at Japanese Families

Field trip to local communities, industries and cultural sports
(i) A trip toAkita’s traditional cultural and natural heritages (Kakunodate,TazawaLake, the Shirakami hills)
(ii) A trip to the agricultural area and its new businesses.
(iii) A visit to Akita’s Kanto Festival.

Outcomes of SRT2008 (An excerpt from Main Report)
SRT 2008 was held in the politically delicate time in the bilateral relation between Japan and Korea. However, all programs were fully implemented as scheduled and candid discussions on various matters were freely conducted as expected. During the whole period of SRT 2008, the KU team stayed at a renewed dormitory of AIU on campus and easy and effective activities were jointly undertaken by both sides’ of students, even outside of the official programs. Through all these factors, both sides’ participants could smoothly interact with each other and effectively deepen their understandings of each other’s country in many respects.

For more information, please refer to SRT2008 Main Report