What is SRT?

SRT (Northeast Asia Student Round Table)
=International Conference & Mutual Understanding

Background of SRT 
A student club of Student Round Table (SRT) was established at Akita International University (AIU) in 2007 under students’ initiatives. It aimed to create the solid base for university students in North East Asia to effectively interact with each other in a more candid fashion and thereby promote mutual understanding and strengthening partnership between participating students. It also aimed, through its activities, to catalyze more active participation of local citizens in the process of cross-border cooperation. It was expected to have a gathering once a year, in principle, to discuss the issues of mutual interest, primarily in English as an international communication media, and conduct other related activities.

SRT has the following objectives.

(i) To create an appropriate opportunity for university students in Northeast Asia in order to promote mutual understanding and strengthen closer ties with each other, through gatherings, exchange of candid views and opinions, cultural exchange, and other related activities.

(ii) To explore the possibilities for students to contribute to their respective local communities through more effective interactions and dissemination by using the gained outcomes from SRT, and stimulate their intrest in Northeast Asia.

(iii) To sustain and strengthen this base for future partnership among all participating students.

Organization Structure of SRT

SRT organization

There is a branch of SRT in Japan, Korea, and Mongolia.

Other 3 countries and regions without branch; Taiwan, Mainland China, and Russia are under negotiation.


In SRT Japan, 3 bureaus are in operation under the leader.

1, Liaison bureau

Recuruiting participants, requesting monetary contribution, or backup.

2, Planning and Management bureau

Planning and management of annual conference, and raising funds.

3, Academic bureau

Thinking about the topics of annual conference, and planning the study session within the branch.