AIU Round Table


AIU Round Table is a SRT’s small discussion session in which all AIU students can participate, which is held 2 times a month. This session is called small round table to differentiate from International Student Round Table which is held once a year. The session deals mainly about Northeast Asian issues and each topic is discussed only in one session. Below are topics participants discuss ever before.

2010 SRT AIU Round Table

  1. Braod image of Northeast Asia
  2. Curret situation of North Korea
  3. The history of Taiwan
  4. The problems related to Okinawa
  5. Senkaku disputes

2011 AIU Round Table

  1. Are Nuclear Power Plants Necessary?
  2. Comfort Women Introduction-The problem of “Ianfu”-
  3. Should Japan join TPP?
  4. What Effect Do Immigrants Have on Japan’s Economy?
  5. National Sentiments of Mongolia and Taiwan toward Japan

2012 AIU Round Table

  1. DPRK issues
  2. The Censorship in China
  3. The Comparison of Northeast Asian Youth Culture
  4. TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership)

2015 AIU Round Table

  1. Japan-U.S. defense Guideline revision
  2. Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank : friend or foe?

※AIU Round table began since 2010